Sašo and Alja explain what's more in

Festivalito Rural  2017 . . . and more

Tango Holidays with Alja & Sašo

Since 2014, we have been organizing and teaching Tango Holidays, an intensive workshop week where you put your everyday worries aside and immerse yourself into learning tango. We are doing Tango Holidays twice a year, a winter and a summer edition, and as they take place in Veržej, we have decided to be kind to tango travellers by organizing them just before Festivalito Rural so you only need to travel to Slovenia once! ;-)

TTT Talks with Friends

Twice so far, Melina and Detlef have organized a follow-up to their Tango Teacher Training (TTT): a tiny conference where the participants of their training could exchange knowledge, ideas and experience. The past events took place in their hometown of Saarbrücken, but it wasn't hard to convince them to change the scenery for this year's meeting, so we're happy to announce that TTT Talks 2017 will happen in Slovenia as a prelude to our Festivalito Rural.

More than that, although TTT Talks was born out of a desire for a plaform where TTT participants could meet and discuss, we (Melina, Detlef, Alja and Sašo) believe that it can overgrow these beginnings. This time, we would like to do it with Friends and that's why we invite you to participate in this endeavour, either by just coming to listen or, even better, present a topic yourself!

Festivalito Rural

Although the core concept of Festivalito Rural remains unchanged, the desire to remove the (partial) overlap of classes and milongas and the fact that many of Festivalito participants might be in Veržej even before the real fun begins have prompted us to make some small adjustments to the programme. In particular, this year the Friday class takes place earlier than usual.