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Festivalito Rural  2017


For the third year, Festivalito Rural will take place in a recently renovated 1912 mansion of Marianum Institute Veržej, Puščenjakova ulica 1, 9241 Veržej.

The mansion can be found in a village called Veržej , located in the flat part of Prlekija region in eastern Slovenia, close to three(!) borders: Hungarian, Austrian and Croatian. Take a look at the GoogleMap!

The mansion is really big, so it easily hosts all our activities:

Milongas take place in a former chapel (now a seminar room) inside the mansion. The floor is wooden (real, old wood), the place air conditioned and (happy news for all of us who have suffered the first year) has mosquito nets installed, making it possible to dance at open windows. The room is somewhat oblong, true, but still wide enough to accommodate two ronda circles — no place for acrobats in the middle, though! :-) There is a bar next to the milonga hall — ideal for both a glass of wine during the milonga and the after-milonga beer! ;-)
Tango classes take place in the former chapel, as well.
The mansion contains a hostel! For details, see the accommodation section.
The mansion has a self-service restaurant. On-site accommodation includes breakfast and (buffet) dinner. (It is possible to join for dinner even when staying off-site.)

Veržej is a very small village with a supermarket, a post office, an ATM and a pub. All of these are within walking distance of the festivalito venue, of course.

Really, the only shoes you will have to put on in three days are the dancing ones :-) That is, unless you decide to take a walk along the Mura river and visit the floating mill, indulge in thermal pools in the neighbouring village Banovci, take a walk across the fields or drive to the vineyards around Jeruzalem for some winetasting.