Welcome to Detlef and Melina's classes at

Festivalito Rural  2013



Solo exercises – technique & bodywork for both leaders and followers

Duration: 1.5h

Before we can dance with a partner, we need to prepare ourselves. In this class, we‘ll focus on relaxation and tension, our own axis, different concepts of walking, dissociation and pivoting.

No partner required. Both leaders and followers are welcome.


Elegance and variations of the cross

Duration: 2 x 1.5h

The cross of the woman is a very interesting and elegant element, if it is not danced automatically. We examine the technique of leading and dancing the traditional cross properly and develop surprising solutions and variations that will spice up your dance and allow you to improvise more freely. If there is enough time and the class-level allows for it, we will develop mini-volcadas out of or into crosses for the social dancefloor.


Behold Biagi

Duration: 2 x 1.5h

Exploring Biagi‘s eccentric variations of rhythm and phrasing. Biagi‘s tangos are a challenge even for skilled dancers. We will present his work in it‘s different phases and analyse a couple of his most important tangos.

Prerequisite for this workshop is the knowledge of rhythmic variation and ability to change speed and step-length without effort.

The rules ;-)

Except on Friday, you must register in a couple. You want to work with someone you like, right?

You can only register for the whole day. In other words, the double classes offered on Saturday and Sunday can only be booked as a block (of a 3h duration). We want you to get to know the teachers and the teachers to get to know you! This way you will get the most out of the experience.

Register for more than one day ;-) We'd really like that! Actually, we're sure you will like it, too ;-)

Don't be an absolute beginner! Sorry, but at least some dancing experience is required to attend the classes.

Register early! The number of participants is limited. Really.