Welcome to Tango Holidays with Alja & Sašo, an intensive workshop where you put your everyday worries aside and immerse yourself in tango!. We offer two concepts of Tango Holidays:

  • The Group Concept is designed for 5 to 12 couples of any level except complete beginners. The lessons consist of group classes and practicas, where we can offer further individual advice. The participants of previous tango holidays are welcome as well, as there is always something new to discover in our eternal topic, technique for musicality:
    • (deepening) the fundamentals of bodywork and communication technique,
    • learning about musical structure of tangos and investigating our own musicality, and
    • applying the technique to musical interpretation: for us, technique is at the service of musicality!
  • The Intimate Concept is designed for 3 to 5 couples and basically consists of shared private lessons. There is some group warm-up work but most of the time each couple works on the topics they choose themselves or we advise them to work on. We make sure that everybody gets as much of our attention as possible.

In the evenings, we usually either organize a milonguita or visit a local milonga, depending on the venue. We only accept registrations in couples. We teach in English.

We organize Tango Holidays several times per year. Join us at any or all of the following dates: