Welcome to Holger Bock's seminar at

Festivalito Rural  2014

Sounds great! … if sound's great (sound & acoustics seminar)

We love to dance tango and so we love to dance with the tango music. Since the golden days of tango, when more than 800 bands (orquesta típica) were playing in Buenos Aires and nearly every better café and milonga-hall had their own orquesta many things have changed. Due to increasing availability of (recording and playback) technology we are used to more or less arbitrary access to classical tango music materials … but it has been a long path from the music being played until it has reached our ears.

On this long path from the instruments' strings or bodies to the dancers' ears there are elements that we can influence today, and there are things we cannot change anymore. As DJs, milonga organizers, or just as dancers with dedicated interest in tango music it might be often helpful to have an idea of what is influencing sound transmission, electro-acoustic treatment of sound like amplification or equalization, or coding and compression of digital data representing music.

This seminar aims to give a very basic insight in electro-acoustics and some tips and tricks to avoid often recurring mistakes in sound setups for milongas.

Duration: 1h

About Holger

Holger Bock finished his studies of sound engineering in 1994, which was exactly the same year when he started to dance and organize tango … being a lot in contact with contemporary tango musicians he developed a longing for good sound quality in milongas, and decided to share his knowledge on technical background for sound quality in a dedicated seminar for milongueros, TJs and organizers.