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Rural Made Simple  2022

About Melina

Melina Sedó probably needs no introduction, so let us just say that we love her for her detailed knowledge of bodywork, communication and musicality in tango — and for her dancing, of course! Melina usually teaches with Detlef Engel, but at this RMS, she will offer a couple of classes by herself.

The classes

For both classes:

  • You do not need a partner.
  • Please sign up in advance by inscribing in the list outside of the dance hall.
  • Each class costs 15€. To be payed on site directly to Melina.

You might have noticed that the class titles are the same as last year. We have decided to "repeat" the classes because, first, the content will of course vary a bit from the last year, and second, this is work to be repeated again and again anyway!

Saturday: Elegance and Fluidity

Duration: 60 min

For one hour, we are going to work on our individual technique. Posture, the elegant walk and fluent pivots are centre stage. After a few static exercises, we are going to combine the elements to short drills that are perfectly suited for gaining more control over your movements and harmonising them with the music.

Sunday: Yoga and bodywork for tango

Duration: 60 min

Tango requires stability, flexibility and the appropriate amount of muscular power. We are going to address these skills with exercises coming from Yoga, Spiral Dynamics and related fields. These will help us to get into a relaxed state that allows us to dance for many hours without having to strain our bodies.