First, take a look at the GoogleMap, and pay attention to the following places:

Festivalito Rural place
the neighbouring village offering further accommodation options (1 km from Veržej)
Murska Sobota
the capital of the region (10 km from Veržej), some trains will stop there but not in Veržej
the capital of the eastern Slovenia, trains from Graz airport will bring you here
Slovenian capital
our hometown, the previous home of Festivalito Rural; midway between Ljubljana and Maribor

By plane

If you're coming by plane, don't forget that Slovenia is very small, so you can use airports in our neighbourhood, too. Truth be told, flying to Ljubljana is usually not the cheapest option. A list of nearby airports with approximate distances to Veržej:

200 km
Graz, Austria
100 km
Zagreb, Croatia
172 km
Klagenfurt, Austria
220 km
Budapest, Hungary
320 km
Trieste, Italy
300 km

If you arrive to Ljubljana airport (Brnik), take a shuttle to Ljubljana and then a train to Veržej.

Departures of shuttles from Brnik (LJ airport) to Ljubljana on Friday: 5:00, 6:05, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00. The ride takes about 45 minutes and costs 4,10 €. You end up at the Ljubljana train station.

By car

Exit the A5 highway (Maribor — Hungary) at Vučja vas and follow the signs for Banovci. In about 7 km you'll drive into Veržej. Our venue is on your left. You cannot miss it, it can be seen even much before you arrive to the village. There are plenty of parking places in the car park at the rear of the building.


Ljubljana airport — Veržej
200 km, 2 hours by car, mainly on highways (don't forget to buy the toll sticker!)
Graz airport — Veržej
100 km, one hour by car, mainly on highways (don't forget to buy toll stickers for both Austria and Slovenia)

By train

The train station in Veržej is going to be brand new by the end of August, they are building it just for us :-) It is located 2 km from the venue. We can come and pick you up if you let us know when you are coming — unless you decide to simply walk to the mansion, which you can actually see from the train station: look for something big and yellow. The pickup can also be arranged if you travel to Murska Sobota — or maybe happen to wake up there by accident :-)

Ljubljana — Veržej

Once in Ljubljana you will need to take a train to the wild east :-) On Friday, August 29, there are 3 trains from Ljubljana to Veržej with one change, 3 more with two changes, and even more from Ljubljana to Murska Sobota. Below we list the most convenient connections, for info about other trains, check out the Slovenian railways site. When planning the return trip, note that on Sundays there are fewer trains than on working days!

12:50Ljubljana15:17Rače12,22 €
13:12Ljubljana14:50Pragersko17,93 €
17:25Ljubljana19:30Pragersko13,92 €

Graz — (Maribor) — Veržej

Coming from Austria you will need to change trains in Maribor.

Graz Airport — Maribor
There are several trains, check out DB Bahn site.
Maribor — Veržej
There are a few trains to Veržej (some even direct) and some more trains to Murska Sobota, which pass through Veržej but do not stop there. Check out the Slovenian railways site and the afternoon menu below.
12:25Maribor14:20Veržej6,60 €
14:32Maribor16:21Veržej6,60 €
15:25Maribor17:10Veržej6,60 €
19:20Maribor19:38Pragersko6,60 €