Festivalito Rural  2014


All dancers, all friends …

Marina Mondini Italy

"I dance tango since 2001 and dj since 2005, an activity that brings together my current passion for Argentine Tango with my old passion for the theater, where I also worked as a light technician and sound engineer. My selection is mostly traditional, but my intent, while djing, is to lead the energy of the dance floor. I believe that the purpose of the dj is to entertain the audience, trying to perceive its taste and needs."

Taşkın Deniz Turkey/Germany

"Music simply paints the time. Among all the magic in the universe, music is the holiest. It is a joy to loose yourself in an exquisite piece, even moving to it: let music flow through your soul and change your sentiments. Most of all, it is a blessing to share such moments with others: breathing, relaxing and feeling the music together. This is what I see in tango.

As the ultimate purpose of tango is happiness, I, humbly as a DJ, desire to see content dancers at milongas. That's why I play music only for the dance floor, neither for myself (maybe a little), nor for organizers (unless they are on the floor). I don't play tangos those I find mediocre, tangos which don't turn me on. I just want to share my excitement with you. I want to make you dance and help you make yourself happy.

What I play is, arguably, the most beautiful music composed and recorded for tango dancing, from 20s till the end of 50s. Never say never but, no offense, I doubt that I will ever play one of those hip electronic stuff or your favorite pop song."

Trud Antzée Norway

"Like the other DJs, I play my music in tandas with cortinas. I play what I love: music from the 30s and 40s, with an occasional visit to the 20s and the 50s. My main concern is always the wellbeing of the dancers, and I put a lot of effort in choosing music that I believe to be danceable as well as beautiful."

Ramona Budui Romania

Too cool to send the description! :-)

Taşkın Deniz Turkey/Germany

Too cool to play only once! :-)