Alja & Sašo

We're social dancers of Argentine tango. If you visit an encuentro milonguero, there is a good chance we will meet. And dance.

We're organizers of Argentine tango social events. Each year, we're proud to present our international Festivalito Rural.

We're students of Argentine tango. And always will be.

We're teachers of Argentine tango. Now with an official certificate from Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel :-) We invite you to work with us or invite us to teach in your community.

Alja has started DJing recently. Therefore Sašo had to create the best music player to satisfy her needs: the Tandamaster. She is a resident DJ at Milonguero?Sí! milongas.

What can we bring into your community?

  • irreplaceable skills for controlled body-movement and communication
  • exquisite sense of musicality
  • equality of the roles (leaders and followers)
  • the so-much-needed milonga etiquette for a pleasant evening
  • our infectious love for dancing

Next teaching stops of Alja&Sašo