About Rural events

At the beginning, there was traditional tango music. Next, we have discovered the embrace. Never the same, but always soft and intimate. Finally, we found friends to share it with. And now, our wish to discover new embraces gave birth to the Rural events.
  • Festivalito Rural is a hybrid of an "encuentro milonguero" (a meeting of milongueros), and a workshop. We call it a festivalito rather than a festival because we want to keep it small and intimate: both in the number of teaching couples (1), the number of dancers (around 100), and the venue (it used to take place a 100m radius near the very center of a charming little town of Celje, recently it has moved to a more rural setting in Veržej). But despite the small size, we try to create a truly international event... and so far, we have been successful!
  • The younger brother, Raduno Rural, is a pure "encuentro milonguero". It is more faithful to its name than the festivalito: it takes place in the rural hills above Škofja Loka, where Blaž's enormously hospitable family runs a tourist farm. With a swimming pool ... and a jacuzzi ... and a ski slope ... and ... believe it or not: a perfect dance-floor!

Both Festivalito and Raduno Rural are annual events. Sašo and Alja organize Festivalito Rural in late August, while Blaž invites us to the pleasant climate of the Škofja loka hills every June.

Both events took a break in 2016. And while Raduno's break might extend indefinitely, Festivalito Rural is back! Since 2020, we've Made it Simple.