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Tango clinic was a series of workshops in 2011/12.


We strongly believe that in order to dance well, everybody, regardless of his or her level, must continually work on the basics. Actually, we would go so far as to claim that nothing but working on basics and dancing a lot on milongas is required to become and remain a good dancer. We have thus envisioned our Tango clinic as a neverending course and practica of tango basics. Don't expect us to teach choreography. We rather concentrate on basic technical elements (embrace, posture, walking, pivoting), musicality, improvisation, and social codes. We proceed slowly but cover the material in depth.

To be clear, we reiterate that Tango clinic is intended for tango dancers of all levels. We believe that we can give something to anybody, from a complete beginner to an addicted milonguero. It is simply that more experienced dancers can delve deeper into the mysteries of the dance, use the basic technique in more varied ways, play with the music more, ...

Each session of Tango clinic deals with a specific topic. The sessions are closed units in the sense that you can attend a session regardless of whether you have attended the previous one or not, of whether you have already visited the clinic a hundred times or never. (This is why we call Tango clinic a series.) Accordingly, you are not required to attend every session of Tango clinic. Come when you can and want!

To facilitate the series nature of the clinic, we do not require you to come with a partner. (If you have one, even better, but we want everybody to be able to visit anytime he or she has the time and the will.) Couples will be formed on the fly; if necessary, not all couples will be of mixed gender. We don't consider this a disadvantage: the technique that we teach is essentially the same for both roles, and some insight into the other role can't hurt, either...


The topic of the session is announced weekly via our three official communication channels: this page, mailing list milonguerosi at GoogleGroups (open to anybody) and the Tango clinic's Facebook group.

Each session is 2.5h long, and is essentially a workshop class, but with more time than usual allotted to practice. During the practice parts, you can expect to sometimes change partners and/or the role, and we promise to dance at least one song with each and every participant of the class, in order to give you individual feedback.

Meetings are scheduled for every Monday from 20:00 to 22:30. They will be held on the premises of Dance studio Azra & team (Kolarjeva 47, Ljubljana, Slovenia). You will be notified of any potential changes and/or exceptions to this via the three communication channels mentioned above.

The price of a session is 20 EUR. To get quantity discount, you can buy a tanda of sessions (read: 4) in advance: then each session costs 15 EUR. The sessions bought in advance are not bound to any particular dates.

The language of instruction is Slovenian and/or English, depending on the participants. And if the need is great, we can also produce some German and Italian.