Blaž invites you to the one and only...

Raduno Rural  2015

26 June - 28 June 2015 • Agritourism Žgajnar, Slovenia
DJs: DJ Alja (SI), DJ Irma (CH), DJ Alejandro Sasha (NL)

Where the time stops, in the middle of green fields and fresh woods, with mum's cooking, great DJs and warm embraces — that is Raduno Rural.


  • Small and cosy (max 150 gender balanced dancers)
  • Tango-friendly schedule (late milonguero breakfast)
  • Unique dance floor in the hayloft
  • All the happenings in one great location (Agritourism Žgajnar) in the Slovene countryside
  • Free time at the pool, enjoying nature and fresh air, or just taking a walk through the fields and woods
  • Staying at local agritourisms or camping out