Blaž invites you to the one and only...

Raduno Rural  2014

20 June - 22 June 2014 • Agritourism Žgajnar, Slovenia
DJs: DJ Ramona (RO), DJ Alejandro Sasha "El Tordo" (NL), DJ Karin (GER), DJ Deborah "Almabruja" (IT)

Where the time stops, in the middle of green fields and fresh woods, with mum's cooking, great DJs and warm embraces — that is Raduno Rural.


  • Small and cosy (max 150 gender balanced dancers)
  • Tango-friendly schedule (late milonguero breakfast)
  • Unique dance floor in the hayloft
  • All the happenings in one great location (Agritourism Žgajnar) in the Slovene countryside
  • Free time at the pool, enjoying nature and fresh air, or just taking a walk through the fields and woods
  • Staying at local agritourisms or camping out