Alja & Sašo — private classes

So you would like to study with us? That's great! But where and when? If it's convenient for you, you could visit one of our upcoming workshops. Or, you could take a more personal approach ...

Private classes

Private classes are a perfect choice if you feel that you need individual information and feedback or cannot squeeze regular group classes into your tight schedule.

You can take a private class either alone or with a partner. The first option is usually better, as we then have more time to give you truly individual advice. The second option comes handy when you want to focus on the problems you and your partner might have as a couple — meaning that it is only sensible to take a private class with your regular partner. The price is the same in both cases.

We teach private classes together: one of us will dance with you, the other provide visual feedback. (Exceptionally, we can also teach individually, for a half-price, but we don't advise that.)

A session usually takes one hour (60 minutes). If you want to take private classes regularily, you're free to tailor the scheduling to your needs: we advise you to take it easy, and visit lots of milongas between the sessions. ;-)

In principle, we can teach a private class anytime and anywhere. Some realistic options:

  • Your place, if only you're from Slovenia or its immediate vicinity. In case you're not from Celje or Ljubljana, we'll need to charge you also for travel time and expenses.
  • Our places: we are situated in Celje (Alja) and Ljubljana (Sašo), Slovenia. Neither of us has a studio, but both our living rooms obviously belong to tangueros: there's music, more than enough space on a wooden floor for one couple, and even a mirror! And at Alja's place, also two cats — though only one is good at cabeceo. ;-)
  • An encuentro milonguero. We're regular visitors of many encuentros. And although the schedule is tight at these events, we'd be happy to squeeze in a private class with you! Just not at a milonga, of course ;-)

The price of a private class is 70 EUR for 60 minutes. To repeat, the price includes both of us — we teach together, and the price is the same if you come alone or with a partner. If you buy a package of three lessons, you get the fourth for free!


Privatanda is similar to a private class, the differences being the following.

  • Privatanda is shorter than a private class: it lasts about 15 min, the duration of a tanda.
  • In a privatanda, we focus on a single issue. We determine the issue itself by dancing to you, and then offer theoretical advice on the issue and dance with you to improve it.
  • Privatanda is usually taught by only one of us. (Either of us can teach either role.)

We prefer to teach privatandas at practicas, either in Ljubljana or at a festival(ito) which includes open practica.

The price of a privatanda is 10 EUR. (If you wish us to teach together, the price is 20 EUR.)

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